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Cedar Link Project


The proposed Cedar Link Project will connect to and receive natural gas from Coastal GasLink for delivery to the Cedar LNG Project, a proposed floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Kitimat, B.C., owned by Haisla Nation and Pembina Pipeline Corporation, within the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation. The proposed Project will begin near the end of the Coastal GasLink project in Kitimat, and extend 10-km to the Cedar LNG project.

Project details

In order to deliver natural gas from Coastal GasLink to Cedar LNG, the following components are being considered as part of the proposed Cedar Link Project. These components would be owned by Coastal GasLink and operated by TC Energy:

Proposed Cedar Link Pipeline: an approximately 10-km pipeline starting from the Coastal GasLink Kitimat Meter Station and joining the Cedar LNG Project via a connection point in the District of Kitimat, B.C. The pipeline will follow the existing Coastal GasLink pipeline route where practical and technically feasible.

Proposed Cedar Link Meter Station: a new meter station is required to measure the gas that will flow to Cedar LNG. The Cedar Link meter station will be located adjacent to the existing Coastal GasLink Kitimat Meter Station within the District of Kitimat.

The Cedar Link Project is currently conducting early stakeholder and Indigenous community engagement, engineering and execution planning to support our request for B.C. Oil and Gas Commission (BC OGC) permitting and in anticipation for a Cedar LNG final investment decision.

Working with Indigenous groups and local communities

Similar to Coastal GasLink, the Cedar Link project is committed to creating opportunities for Indigenous and local communities should a decision be made to move ahead with the construction and operation. We anticipate that the construction of the Cedar Link pipeline and meter station will create new construction jobs and we are committed to investing in communities for the long-term, through investments, sponsorships, and programs that go beyond our operations.



Q1 – Q4 2021

Engagement with Indigenous groups, landowners, and local communities.

Early 2022

Engagement with Indigenous groups and stakeholders; anticipate filing applications with the BC OGC. Engagement will continue with all affected Indigenous groups and stakeholders through development.


Pending regulatory approval and a final investment decision by Cedar LNG, we anticipate Cedar Link Project construction could start as early as 2025.

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