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What's new

As Coastal GasLink enters the final year of construction, stay up-to-date on what’s happening across the project route.

Did you know? You can view construction updates and notifications on the Construction page.

Here's what's happening:

May 24 2023

Coastal GasLink responds to rapidly changing spring conditions

With forecasted record-breaking high temperatures, and higher than average snowpack conditions across northern B.C., Coastal GasLink is taking proactive measures to protect the integrity of its work sites and prevent impacts from erosion and sediment that comes with rapid spring melt.

May 18 2023

Morice River Update

The micro-tunneling phase of the Morice River crossing has been safely completed and we are well past the river. Due to subsurface conditions, we are reducing the length of the micro-tunnel by 28 metres and beginning the construction of the exit point. This will involve clearing and excavation work in the coming days.

May 9 2023

Coastal GasLink proactively pauses construction work in Section 3 ahead of stop work orders issued by B.C. EAO

Coastal GasLink has received stop work orders from the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) on an approximately 20-km stretch of the project route in Section 3, near the Little Anzac River, North of Prince George, B.C. Two weeks prior to the latest orders being issued, we halted the majority of construction in the area, so that we could enhance our erosion and sediment control measures during this challenging Spring melt season.

Apr 28 2023

April construction update

Coastal GasLink continues to safely and steadily progress construction, with nearly 87% of construction complete.

Apr 28 2023

Coastal GasLink responds to stop work order on 3-km stretch

Yesterday, we proactively paused work on a 3-km stretch of the project in Section 3, near the Little Anzac River, outside of Prince George, in advance of today’s order from the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). We are also focused on preventing sediment from entering watercourses during this spring melt season, including areas identified in a notice from the B.C. Energy Regulator (BCER).