Construction and operations of the Coastal GasLink pipeline are regulated under the Energy Resource Activities Act (BC Energy Regulator) and the Environmental Assessment Act (Environmental Assessment Office). 

Coastal GasLink is committed to meeting some of the highest standards in the world for safety and environmental protection throughout operations, and construction of potential future growth projects.

In alignment with regulatory requirements, and our commitment to being transparent, you can access regulatory documents below, including management plans, consultation reports, and notifications.

B.C. documents

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Socio-economic Effects Management

Condition #24 of the Environmental Assessment Certificate describes the development and implementation of the Socio-economic Effects Management Plan (SEEMP). The SEEMP identifies the Project’s approach to implementing and monitoring mitigation measures during construction to avoid or reduce potential adverse socio-economic effects on regional and community infrastructure and services. Coastal GasLink submits SEEMP reports twice yearly to provincial agencies, Indigenous communities and local governments. The Plan and reports are linked below:


Status Report 1

Status Report 2

Status Report 3

Status Report 4

Status Report 5

Status Report 6

Status Report 7

Status Report 8

Status Report 9

Status Report 10

Water crossing notifications

Coastal GasLink is constructing a pipeline that includes crossings of rivers and other water bodies. A typical work is a temporary bridge installed for construction and then removed after construction.

Where work at a crossing might affect navigation, even temporarily, Coastal GasLink posts a notice such as the ones below, to inform you of the application and planned work, and of where additional information can be found.

Transport Canada’s window for public comment is 30 days from the date a crossing is added to Coastal GasLink’s notification list.

Please submit any comments you have on a crossing application directly to Transport Canada on their website, using the Crossing ID file number listed in the notification list.

Regulatory updates

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May 10 2016

Project receives all remaining BC Oil and Gas Commission construction permits

Coastal GasLink now has all of the major provincial regulatory approvals required for the construction and operation of the proposed pipeline and related facilities. The 10 permits were received between May 2015 and April 2016.

Mar 7 2014

Environmental assessment process

Through 2013, we undertook extensive field work and research as part of a detailed environmental assessment, a step towards an Environmental Assessment Certificate that’s required from the BC Environmental Assessment Office to construct the pipeline.

Mar 4 2013

Application Information Requirements (AIR)

As part of the preparation for our Application to the BC Environmental Assessment Office, Coastal GasLink developed draft Application Information Requirements (AIR).

Other permit applications

Coastal GasLink pipeline project will require other permits to carry out certain aspects of the project, including permits from Fisheries and Oceans Canada in relation to the crossing of fish-bearing streams; and permits from local governments in relation to above-ground structures.

Injunction update

On November 26, 2018, the Coastal GasLink project filed an application for an injunction order with the B.C. courts in order to gain access to the Morice River bridge. On December 13, 2018, project representatives met in front of a B.C. judge in Prince George to present facts/key findings that support this claim.

On December 14, 2018, the B.C. court granted Coastal GasLink with an interim injunction to carry out its pre-construction activities.

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