Jan 24 2019

Coastal GasLink on recent construction-related activities

Posted by Coastal GasLink

January 24, 2019

Fully approved and permitted work was shut down temporarily today due to safety concerns arising from a number of individuals entering an active construction site and the continued placement of traps on the construction site.

Safety is our top priority. Accessing an active construction site where heavy equipment is at work and placing traps in an active construction site poses a threat to our people as well as those on the site unauthorized.

Coastal GasLink is working with the RCMP to address this matter.

Further questions should be directed to the RCMP.

January 23, 2019

While conducting approved and permitted work in the ancillary sites of the project, approximately 17 kilometres from the Morice Bridge location, Coastal GasLink crews encountered newly erected animal traps in the trees and newly erected signage stating there were traps on the work site. Coastal GasLink had previously provided notice to trappers that work was being done in the area, to ensure awareness and to prevent any disturbance to traditional activities.

The work occurring on the access roads, ancillary sites and the right-of-way is an active construction site accessible to authorized personnel only.

It is important to us that all of our worksites are safe and our workers go home safe each and every day.

We have taken steps to notify the trap owner that the traps must be removed from the area and will continue to try to work collaboratively with them.