Mar 29 2019

Economic Summits continuing

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Coastal GasLink held another Economic Summit on March 21 that saw nearly 40 businesses interact with CGL prime contractors to explore opportunities for British Columbia companies and individuals to participate in the construction of our 670-kilometre long natural gas pipeline.

Listen and learn about what about that session describing the opportunities for economic partnership:


Preliminary Project Construction Progressing in Northeastern British Columbia

The Coastal GasLink project has already started creating jobs and providing benefits with preliminary construction activities well underway.

For the past few weeks, we have been focused on getting key areas along the eastern section of the project route near Chetwynd ready for mainline construction, which gets underway next year.

Before we can commence assembling the pipeline, we need to prepare the sites where we will build the workforce accommodations that will house the many women and men who will build the project. That is a key part of the work we are doing now.

This preliminary construction work includes general snow clearing, brushing and upgrading access roads with many local workers and businesses helping us.

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