Apr 15 2019

Coastal GasLink President comments on civil court proceeding

Posted by Coastal GasLink

On April 15, 2019 the BC Prosecution Service chose not to proceed with criminal contempt charges against 14 people arrested on January 7, 2019 for violating an injunction order prohibiting interference with Coastal Gas Link’s preliminary construction site work accessed via the Morice River Forest Service Road and Morice River bridge. Given the Prosecution’s submission, the BC Supreme Court dismissed the contempt charges.

Given the prosecution’s submission, Coastal GasLink agreed that in the circumstances it was not appropriate to pursue civil contempt charges against those arrested.

The interim injunction order remains in place and can be accessed here.

Commenting on the decision, Coastal GasLink President David Pfeiffer said that the project remains focused on continued dialogue with those who oppose this vital natural gas infrastructure project.

“Our approach continues to be one of respectful and meaningful dialogue, focused on listening to all concerns and resolving issues as best we can in a peaceful and constructive manner. We are committed to working collaboratively with local and Indigenous communities as we progress construction. This is a critical natural gas pipeline project that will bring social and economic benefits to British Columbia and First Nations, while safely meeting the growing global demand for cleaner energy.”