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May 7 2019

Hope takes flight

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Since its first ‘flight’ in 1986, Hope Air has arranged more than 130,000 free flights for low-income Canadians needing to be connected to vital medical care far from home.

Since 2007, TC Energy has been proud to work with Hope Air to help people in our operating communities, many of which, while vibrant and beautiful, are remote and thousands of kilometres away from medical support. Coastal GasLink added its support in 2014. Among Hope Air’s top volume routes were flights from Prince George, Terrace and Smithers to Vancouver.

All in all, we’ve been able to support 400 flights for people in need. Each flight arranged goes well beyond helping that one individual – Hope Air estimates that for every flight arranged, 45 people are impacted, from family & friends to co-workers and healthcare workers.


But beyond the numbers, it means that we are helping to improve the health and quality of life for people in our host communities. And that means a lot to us at Coastal GasLink.

With a recent pledge of $15,000, contributions from Coastal GasLink and TC Energy have surpassed the $100,000 mark.

“Through Coastal GasLink’s ongoing support, Hope Air patients are able to access this vital link to medical treatments, specialists and equipment that aren’t offered in their home communities,” says Hope Air CEO Doug Keller-Hobson. “Coastal GasLink’s generosity allows families experiencing illness or injury to spend less time worrying about the cost of travel and more time focused on getting better.”

Hope Air has changed lives for so many. And we are committed to continuing to support the important work they do.

“Without Hope Air I would never have been able to make it to Vancouver and back so many times to be with my team of specialists and my surgeon. I wouldn’t have been able to get the life changing surgery that has been given me my life back. As a low income mom of 3 its left me absolutely speechless that I’ve had a such amazing help through Hope Air.” – Patient from Prince George, B.C.

If you find yourself in need of support from Hope Air, we encourage you to learn more about how they can help by visiting hopeair.ca.