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Jun 29 2020

Macro Spiecapag Joint Venture brings Coastal GasLink and subcontractors together to support Fraser Lake food bank initiative

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Story submitted by Macro Spiecapag Joint Venture (MSJV), prime contractor for Sections 5 & 8 of Coastal GasLink, with support from the Nechako Lakes School District. 

Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary School and Mouse Mountain Elementary School students can normally count on a healthy breakfast as well as fruits, vegetables, and other nutritional snacks over the course of the school day.  With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and school closures, many Fraser Lake and area students were left in a position of uncertainty. 

Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary, Mouse Mountain Elementary, and the Fort Fraser Food Bank have been working together to support the school children and families by assembling and delivering food hampers on a weekly basis to over 37+ families and over 115 students.

After 12 weeks of deliveries, the funds began to run low. Macro Spiecapag Joint Venture (MSJV), Prime Contractor went to work to bring together Falcon Camps, Horizon North, and International SOS and Coastal GasLink to donate $4,000 to the Fraser Lake food bank initiative to assist the families in the region.

“We're so pleased that we could support this wonderful community initiative. We are in this together!" shared Joan Goldhawk, Manager of Indigenous and Community Relations for MSJV.

 “This was a huge project and wouldn’t have been possible without a tremendous amount of support from the School District, the community of Fraser Lake, and corporate partners,” said Brian Cross, Principal of Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary. 

“The support we received from Macro Spiecapag Joint Venture, International SOS, Horizon North, Falcon Camps & Coastal GasLink allowed us to not only continue supporting our families while they weren’t at school, but also ensured that we were able to set families up going into the summer months. We really can’t thank them enough.”

Pictured left to right: Rene Schoonderbeek, International SOS; Barb Hilman, Mouse Mountain Elementary School; Kyle Arnouse, Horizon North; Jodi Jenkinson, Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary School (FLESS); Yvonne Melo, Fort Fraser Food Bank; Loretta Scarr, FLESS; Barbara Zang, FLESS; Brandi Best, FLESS; Cheryl Parsons, FLESS; Brian Cross, FLESS; Dave Christie, SD91; Ian Nearing, MSJV; Debbie Hyde, MSJV; Jesse Erickson, Coastal GasLink