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Aug 26 2020

Working together with landowners

Posted by Coastal GasLink

At Coastal GasLink, nothing matters more than the health and safety of our people, their families and the communities in which we operate.

The Coastal GasLink team has been working closely with landowners to identify land restrictions, access routes and other construction requirements. Our ongoing objective is to cause as little disturbance to the land and to landowners as possible. That’s why we have implemented project-wide health and safety standards at all worksites and workforce accommodations.

Recently, at one of our construction sites near Chetwynd, a landowner’s dog, who we would learn was aptly named “Digger”, found himself in view of our local workers and contractors. Our team was concerned for the safety of the dog with its proximity to our construction footprint. The solution was to equip the dog in a high-vis safety vest so he could be spotted by the workforce while he was returned to the landowner, who was very thankful that our team took the time to consider the safety of his animals.

Not only does this story make any dog-lover smile, it ended up making for a more positive experience with the landowner. This is just one of the many examples of our construction and land teams creating a positive dynamic between Coastal GasLink and landowners that is based on honesty, fairness, and respect.



While measures may vary by site, landowners have the right to know and fully understand what is occurring on or near their land. Coastal GasLink is committed to minimizing impacts on the local community during construction. Where there may be localized impacts from noise or increased traffic volumes, these activities and potential impacts are expected to be short in duration and in many cases, in remote areas away from communities.

TC Energy’s 65 years of experience has resulted in more than 60,000 positive relationships with landowners in North America which is a legacy we want to continue at Coastal GasLink. That's why we’re invested in collaborating with landowners to ensure the project leaves a positive and lasting footprint for the communities where we operate and the surrounding environment.

Visit our Construction page to learn more about how Coastal GasLink is creating an extraordinary legacy of safety and respect for communities and the environment.

With construction underway, we are providing advance notification of potentially impactful activities during construction. You can view information related to these activities, including timing and location, on the interactive map on our website.