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Aug 20 2021

August construction update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

The Coastal GasLink project continues to see our workforce grow with 4,507 workers along the project route. This number surpasses our previous highest workforce number — 4,016 workers in the field in October 2020 — and is expected to grow into the fall.

To help house our growing workforce, in July, Section 8 East opened the last of our workforce accommodations, P2 Lodge. This completion caps our lodge development at the same time that our Community Workforce Accommodation Advisor program ramps up. This program is designed to foster a respectful and safe relationship between workers and the local communities that host them.

And, with almost one-third of construction along the route complete, all stages of pipeline construction are now underway. While some sections continue clearing, Section 1 recently completed grading and is now beginning reclamation, the final stage of pipeline construction. In areas where pipe has been installed and tested, workers will replace the topsoil that was stored near the project route and apply contouring to return the land to its pre-construction state. Next, seeding of native plants will take place.

To date, project work along the route has not been affected by wildfires, however Coastal GasLink crews are trained to suppress any fires that occur along or close to the project route with equipment on-site at key construction locations. Learn more about what Coastal Gaslink does to prepare for and manage wildfires.

Read our full August construction update here.

cgl august welding 1280x720.jpg

Section 5 welding is underway. Various techniques and technologies ensure our high-quality steel pipe is welded together in one string. Each connection is inspected and must meet strict safety & quality assurance requirements. Throughout construction, all welds are checked by an X-ray or ultrasonic process to verify each weld is sound and the pipeline is safe.