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Aug 4 2021

Collaborating with regulators to build an extraordinary legacy for B.C.

Posted by Coastal GasLink

There are few other projects in Canada that can compare to the scale and complexity of the Coastal GasLink Project. It spans 670 kilometres across most of northern B.C., through unceded Indigenous territory, dozens of local communities, and traversing some of the province’s most stunning and challenging terrain. Building such a project requires strong collaboration between the Project, its Indigenous and local partners, and the regulators that ensure it’s built to the world-class standards British Columbians expect.

“This is a privilege for us to be able to construct this project. Following the rules, making sure that we have positive relationships, protecting the environment; that’s part of the privilege,” said Joel Forrest, Coastal GasLink’s Director of Environment, Land, Regulatory & Law.

“Building a pipeline in B.C. is not a simple task, especially when you’re crossing most of the province, you’re going through several mountain ranges. We have over 600 water crossings, and we have lots of different environmentally sensitive areas that we have to make sure we pay attention to as we do our construction,” Joel added. “We’re proud to build this pipeline to a world-class standard.”

To ensure the best interests of British Columbians are met, Coastal GasLink is primarily regulated by B.C.’s Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) and Environmental Assessment Office (EAO), as well as the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNRORD). They provide thorough, timely and integrated assessment of the potential environmental, economic, social, heritage, and health effects that may occur throughout the life cycle of the Project.

“B.C. sets a high standard with its environmental regulations that we meet and often exceed. Its robust regulatory environment has helped us push the bar on creating an extraordinary legacy for all Canadians. At the end of the day, it’s about making sure we leave the land in a condition that’s as good as we found it, or better,” explained Joel.

Working closely and transparently with regulators, Coastal GasLink has been able to achieve many important project milestones. Their swift and thorough review of permitting applications and commitment to excellence have had a positive impact on every part of the Project. From clearing and grading to the completion of complex engineering feats like the Murray River Horizontal Directional Drill, Coastal GasLink works with our regulators and Indigenous and local partners to ensure that all of our commitments are met.

“We’re grateful for the dedicated people working in the various departments and specialties at all regulatory agencies. Whether it’s the Archaeology Branch or the OGC, we benefit from their passion for this province, and they’ve made this an even better Project through their oversight,” said Joel.

That spirit of collaboration and excellence is shared by every level of the Coastal GasLink Project and it’s an integral part of the legacy we’re building.  

“I hope that future projects are built and designed based on the bar we set on this project,” shared Charlie Edwards, Coastal GasLink’s Construction Manager for Work Package 3. “This is a world class pipeline that is being built to the highest standards in the world.”