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Feb 19 2021

February construction update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Construction highlights

New COVID-19 protocols meet approval with health authorities

Northern Health and B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer have provided approval for Coastal GasLink’s plan to deploy an increased workforce on the project route, recognizing the urgent need to address in-field environmental and safety risks. The plan will see the gradual deployment of additional personnel across the route over the coming weeks and marks a significant step in our path to full remobilization while ensuring the health and safety of the workforce and Indigenous and local communities remains paramount. As of February 17, there were 963 field workers on the project. Weekly updates are being posted at CoastalGaslink.com.

A pivotal factor in this approval is Coastal GasLink’s newly enhanced and approved COVID-19 Management Plan with increased health and safety measures, which allows the project to undertake critical environmental, safety and asset integrity activities as well as perform seasonally critical work. It is important for specific activities to take place in advance of spring thaw, which typically occurs in March, for environmental protection. Some pipe activities are anticipated to resume in Sections 3 and 4, subject to the mobilization of sufficient personnel.

While construction has slowed considerably — there was a 0.2 per cent increase in construction progress over the last month — in January, Section 8 finalized pipe transportation to storage sites. More milestones are anticipated once the project finalizes construction schedules for summer ramp up and peak construction seasons, provided the project receives authorization to proceed safely under COVID-19 guidelines.

Get all the details in our February construction update, and hear from Coastal GasLink President Tracy Robinson to learn more about our newly enhanced COVID-19 Management Plan.