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Mar 18 2021

March construction update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Critical winter activities near completion ahead of spring break-up as COVID-19 immunization programs begin

As spring break-up approaches, Coastal GasLink’s current limited workforce is focused on critical and seasonally sensitive work across the 670-kilometre project route. Activities include on site and environmental monitoring, erosion and sediment control, and site security to meet permit conditions and ensure the integrity of the site conditions.

The project continues to heed the guidelines in the COVID-19 Management Plan and any additional guidance from health officials. This includes ongoing workforce testing, along with the recently announced workforce vaccination program directed by Northern Health and B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer, to help protect specific populations. The immunization program includes industrial workers residing in large workforce accommodation sites and will also protect the communities around them, including many rural, remote and Indigenous communities. Coastal GasLink is working to assist Northern Health with the implementation of their planned immunization program and appreciates the opportunity to support this initiative to strategically reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in B.C.

Get all the details in our March construction update, and please visit Northern Health Authority for more information on Workforce COVID-19 Immunizations.