May 12 2021

Celebrating a milestone: safe delivery of 692 km of pipe along project route

Posted by Coastal GasLink

In April, Coastal GasLink completed pipe delivery on time and on budget, delivering 450,000 tons of pipe along the project route – the equivalent of 3,200 blue whales – with zero safety incidents. Premay Pipeline Hauling delivered and stockpiled the 692 km of pipe in partnership with Coastal GasLink.

“It’s common to order extra quantity of pipe on projects so that we can manage cut and waste as well as allow for any design changes,” explains Cathy Wang, the project manager who directed pipe delivery for the project's 670 km route stretching from northeastern B.C. to its end point in Kitimat, B.C.

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“Pipe delivery may sound easy, but it’s extremely challenging when you consider the amount of pipe, weight, parties involved, communications coordination, community requests and kilometers driven; our pipe delivery kilometers equate to 137 trips around the equator. Given that driving is one of our largest safety risks on the project with weather constraints, terrain and road conditions, I’m especially proud  that we worked with no safety incidents.”

The milestone has earned both Cathy and Premay a TC Energy CEO Safety Leadership Award.

Paul Schultz, Premay’s senior vice president said “our team worked very hard to keep safety at the forefront of our work. Our supervisors, drivers, operators, and laborer’s in the field as well as the rest of Premay’s team, all had a hand in this accomplishment. We are very proud and pleased with this recognition.”

Paul also stated that by working with the Indigenous and local partners we increased our overall awareness and safety in the remote locations that the pipe deliveries took place in. 

 “In addition to hiring Indigenous workers, our partnerships helped our team build strong community relationships, plan the safest driving routes and familiarize us with the terrain. Their expertise meant that even with 50 trucks on roads with known safety hazards, we could navigate safely.”

Learn more about this accomplishment by watching our video and through our infographic below.

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