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Nov 23 2021

November construction update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

At Coastal GasLink our top priority is the safety of our workforce, contractors, and the Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members. Our project is fully permitted and has unprecedented support and agreements with all 20 elected Indigenous groups across the 670 km route.

Recently, illegal blockades around the Morice River put our workforce and public safety at serious risk and enforcement activities were necessary to end any interference with Coastal GasLink’s permitted construction activities. Following enforcement by RCMP, all obstacles have been cleared and access to our lodges and public forestry roads have been restored and construction activities have resumed.

We know there’s more to building a pipeline than just materials and construction. The success of Coastal GasLink relies on continually working with local communities, listening to their views, incorporating their feedback and caring for sensitive landscapes and culturally and historically significant places.

Construction continues across the project route, with over 5,000 workers and unprecedented support from local and Indigenous communities who will benefit from jobs and economic opportunities.

Read our full November construction update here.

Coastal GasLink successfully and safely completed the Salmon River Direct Pipe Installation (DPI) crossing. This process sees minimal impact on the area of construction as the pipe is installed along a designated route with a microtunnel boring machine that pulls the pipe through the tunnel. Our 670 km project route crosses many bodies of water, and we approach each one with the utmost care. At the Salmon River, and all bodies of water we may cross, we’ve conducted extensive studies and field work to determine the most environmentally responsible method to build our project. Learn more in our November construction update.