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Jan 12 2022

A community of fitness through a friendly competition

Posted by Coastal GasLink

What does Coastal GasLink and the gym have in common? A community of fitness focused individuals who find ways to keep fit in a year marked by a pandemic and challenging weather conditions. Last October and November, the Coastal GasLink community shared their love for fitness as they battled it out to win Coastal GasLink’s first-ever CoastalFITLink Challenge. Participants logged their weekly activity in a pursuit to beat the other construction sections and corporate and regional offices in the amount of movement and exercise completed over two months.  

The team took part in a variety of activities, from walking to cycling and even some yoga sessions. In total, the Coastal GasLink community logged over 900 hours of activity, spanning distances 9x the length of the project route!

For many participants, it fed their competitive nature while adhering to COVID restrictions. “The challenge helped to keep me moving with a little friendly competition to keep the tension up,” shares Indigenous and Local Contracting and Employment Senior Field Advisor Benjamin Brant. 7 Mile Lodge Teamster Job Steward Allen Swinden adds, “Competition is always good!”

While competition spurred on participants, the CoastalFITLink Challenge gave a boost to participants’ physical and mental health.

“I've really enjoyed tracking my kilometres and also ensuring I get proper hydration,” adds Facilities Engineering Lead Steven Foo. “It was actually the nudge I needed to buy an elliptical for home use during the pandemic!”

The CoastalFITLink Challenge, along with family, was a motivator for Construction Monitoring and Community Liaison Coordinator Harry Bodewitz to keep active. Over the two-month period Harry alone logged over 60 hours. Harry had this advice for individuals starting their fitness journey.

CWAA Coordinator Denine Gosselin after a 30-minute running session.

It reminded me that I need to keep my health and wellness a priority. The healthy choices I make today, are helping with my long-term health and wellness.”

Amber Attachie
Community Workforce Accommodation Advisor (CWAA)

CWAA Advisor George Jr. George mastering the plank.

“The key to fitness is having a workout routine that is fun and challenging,” recommends Harry. “One where you can take pride in what you have accomplished and have confidence in how far you can push yourself.”

Competition, motivation, community, and mental and physical wellness are a few reasons why participants joined the challenge. With the start of a new year, many are choosing goals and resolutions focused on their health and wellness. We challenge you to create your own wellness challenges with your friends, families and colleagues to kick-off 2022.