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Aug 26 2022

August construction update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Coastal GasLink nearly 70% complete

With our workforce at peak numbers, July marked an exciting month as the Wilde Lake Compressor Station surpassed 90 per cent overall completion, and Coastal GasLink is nearing 70 per cent overall construction completion. Hydrotesting was a focus for crews at Wilde Lake, and Sections 1 and 2. Significant progress has been made this month to advance construction on Cable Crane Hill in the Coast Mountains and access to the Headwall in the Rocky Mountains. Both are special sections on the route with incredibly steep slopes.

Groundbirch Connector achieves 100% pipe installation

The 3.2 km Groundbirch Connector Pipeline is a small, but future-focused line that allows for additional gas delivery to the Wilde Lake Compressor Station, the “beating heart” of the Coastal GasLink Pipeline network. Recently, the Groundbirch Connector achieved 100% pipe installation with crews completing the final weld at the end of July. This pipeline includes a launcher and receiver assembly at either end, enabling future in-line inspections to be completed to ensure safety and reliability throughout the long-term lifecycle of the pipeline. Currently, final clean-up and reclamation activities remain ongoing to ensure the pipeline footprint is properly restored.

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Photo of the month

CMCL Program puts collaboration with communities into action

Indigenous collaboration, feedback and consultation is a core component of Coastal GasLink’s Extraordinary Legacy. Our Construction Monitoring and Community Liaison (CMCL) Program features 11 Coordinators and 43 Advisors who are members of all 20 First Nations along the Project route, including Kitselas Elder Edward Innes (pictured in the middle). Our CMCLs observe our construction progress on their traditional territories and report back to their communities. Recently, Edward visited Cable Crane Hill alongside some of our Coastal GasLink team members to see the crane in full operation. Coastal GasLink is honoured to work with community members like Edward to ensure preserving and celebrating Indigenous traditions, territories and cultural values are at the forefront of all we do.