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Sep 1 2022

Coastal GasLink Biologists jump at the opportunity to salvage unique amphibian species

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Coastal GasLink Biologists jump at the opportunity to salvage unique amphibian species

Coastal GasLink’s 670-kilometer route traverses diverse terrain and happens to be home to many species of wildlife, including the Coastal Tailed Frog.

This unique amphibian is found in cold, fast-flowing coastal streams of B.C. The cold-water temperatures mean tadpole development is slow, and it can take up to four years for tadpoles to metamorphose into its adult life stage. This long-lived species can live up to 20 years, the longest life span of all North American anuran species (frogs and toads).

In preparation for construction activities, our dedicated environmental team begins salvaging the tadpoles and relocates them upstream where they can safely develop until work is complete. The team leaves no rock unturned looking for the tadpoles, which is a long and calculated effort in support of our commitments to protecting wildlife and ecosystems along our construction route.

“It’s an honour to be able to work in an area like this, and work with species like the Coastal Tailed Frog, so we take it pretty seriously,” said Ross, a Wildlife Biologist with Jacobs.

The expertise, passion and care demonstrated by the Environmental Consulting team when salvaging and handling all amphibians is first-class. Not only do they perform their work with integrity, they also have been pivotal in providing education and increased awareness to the overall Project regarding the uniqueness of the Coastal Tailed Frog species.”

Samantha Brett
Senior Environmental Advisor, Coastal GasLink

Since 2021 crews have relocated more than 16,000 Coastal Tailed Frog tadpoles upstream, which keeps these tiny tadpoles out of harm’s way during construction activities.

A great deal of planning, research and passion for the environment and creatures who inhabit it goes into our pre, during and post-construction planning. Our responsibility to the people, communities and environment around us is foundational to Coastal GasLink’s extraordinary legacy.