Nov 28 2022

Indigenous construction monitors on Coastal GasLink ensure transparency with communities during construction

Posted by Coastal GasLink
Protecting Indigenous values and the environment during construction

Coastal GasLink’s Construction Monitoring and Community Liaison (CMCL) program provides a vital link between project construction and Indigenous communities, ensuring that Indigenous values and the environment are protected during construction. Through the CMCL program, Indigenous members are selected by their communities to monitor construction and report back to their communities about what they see.


Meet Brianna, a CMCL advisor from Nee Tahi Buhn Band

Brianna, a member of Nee Tahi Buhn Band, works alongside more than 45 other CMCL Advisors from the 20 Indigenous communities along the project corridor. Brianna provides daily reports to Nee Tahi Buhn’s leadership about what she’s seen when she’s out monitoring construction.

While the daily report is an important resource, over her three years on the Project she has found that an in-person approach is the best way to keep her community informed.

“The most effective process for sharing my findings with my community is by word of mouth. If I believe a site is high priority, I will contact management and resolve any concerns directly. Community meetings are also a great time for questions and feedback,” she said. “I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback for the CMCL Program.”

In addition to reporting back on what she sees in the field, Brianna is making sure that her culture and traditions are integrated into the Project.

I’ve taken the last 20 plus years to learn and practice our culture and traditions. A large component of culture and traditions is to appreciate the history of the land and lineages of many families. I can confidently say that my community's values are being honoured and heard.”

CMCL and a member of Nee Tahi Buhn Band

Bonnie George with CGL Indigenous Relations Engagement lead Denine on site

Brianna met her fiancé, a fellow CMCL Advisor, while working on Coastal GasLink

Building an extraordinary legacy

And Brianna has gained a lot more than career experience during her time on Coastal GasLink. While out in the field, Brianna met her now fiancé, a fellow CMCL Advisor. “It was very unexpected but we’re glad to have crossed paths. I couldn’t be more complete!”

Coastal GasLink is committed to building more than a pipeline – from day one, the Project has set out to build an extraordinary legacy of safety and respect for all people and the environment

“When we think about the legacy we are building together with Indigenous and local communities across this province, it is people like Brianna and her CMCL colleagues that come to mind,” says Joel Forrest, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, Coastal GasLink. “The expertise the CMCL team brings to the project is helping us build critical energy infrastructure that protects the environment and Indigenous values.”

“We’re proud of the women and men helping to bring our legacy to life, including Brianna and her fiancé, who we extend our warmest wishes to for a healthy and happy future.”