Nov 29 2022

At 80% overall completion, Coastal GasLink on track to support delivery of critical energy

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Coastal GasLink achieves significant milestones

As Coastal GasLink looks back on 2022, it is collaboration that stands out as the critical success factor in driving our progress this year.

Collaboration with our workers, Indigenous and local communities, government, and industry has enabled Coastal GasLink to achieve 80 per cent overall completion. And when the final year of construction kicks off in 2023, the Project will have an incredibly strong foundation in place to complete construction by this time next year.

Our Legacy by the numbers

  • 80% overall project completion
  • $1.4+ billion dollars awarded to local and Indigenous businesses
  • 6000+ jobs at peak construction
  • 10% Equity options offered to all 20 Nations across the project route, with 16 Nations signing on
  • $21 million in annual property tax after completion of construction
  • $11+ million invested in communities to date, investments that will continue throughout the life of the project

Collaboration drives solution to meet world’s clean energy needs

To date, Coastal GasLink has installed more than 470 km of pipe across the 670-km route, and steady progress is made each day. Cumulatively, our team has spent 38 million hours working on this project, with more than 6,000 people employed at its peak.

Our achievements this year also extend beyond construction milestones. We have continued to deliver on our commitment of building an extraordinary and lasting legacy for British Columbia and beyond.

“It’s an immense privilege to be able to work on a project that is building such an extraordinary legacy that will be enjoyed by so many,” said Bevin Wirzba, Coastal GasLink President. “Not only is this project providing jobs and economic benefits to local and Indigenous communities; this critical energy infrastructure will deliver energy security to the world for decades to come.”

When First Nations benefit, the whole region, the province, and Canada benefits”

Chief Priscilla Mueller
Saik’uz First Nation

Partnering with Indigenous groups

In alignment with our commitment of collaboration and supporting economic reconciliation, many of our prime contractors have now partnered with Indigenous-owned businesses to build their respective sections.

These partnerships have contributed to the $1.4 billion being awarded to local and Indigenous businesses. Once construction is complete, we look forward to officially becoming equity partners with Indigenous communities across the project route, as signed into agreement earlier this year.

“When First Nations benefit, the whole region, the province, and Canada benefits,” said Chief Priscilla Mueller, Saik’uz First Nation, one of sixteen Indigenous communities who have joined the option to become equity owners in the Project. “All of us benefit together.”

TC Energy, through Coastal GasLink, is proud to be leading the way in how energy projects are advanced in Canada.

“When we bring our world-class energy expertise, and collaborate with Indigenous and local communities, we can deliver the energy the world needs while also protecting the environment, respecting local values, and advancing Indigenous reconciliation,” said Bevin Wirzba. “That is a future we are looking forward to, and one we are building each and every day on Coastal GasLink.”

TC Energy provided an update on Coastal GasLink’s progress and project costs as part of its Investor Day 2022 growth outlook. Stay up to date on the project by visiting