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Jul 28 2022

July construction update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Summer construction in full swing

More than 6000 women and men are expected to work along Coastal GasLink’s project route at its peak during this summer construction season. Our prime contractors are mobilizing crews to various sites along the project route to continue to progress Coastal GasLink’s most important construction season yet. At the end of June, Coastal GasLink was 66 per cent complete overall and is expected to reach 70 per cent overall completion this summer. Meanwhile, crews will be working hard to prepare and progress construction across the entire project route. Stay tuned for more!

Wilde Lake Compressor Station – the beating heart of Coastal GasLink

Fondly referred to as the “beating heart” of the Project, the Wilde Lake Compressor Station is approaching the finish line with overall construction progress almost 90 per cent complete. Recently, Coastal GasLink led a tour with LNG Canada and representatives from the joint venture partnership. The tour provided an opportunity to highlight the physical connection to our partners and underscored the collaboration we achieved working together on this critical piece of infrastructure. The tour also provided an opportunity for our partners to witness firsthand the incredible feat of constructing TC Energy’s largest ever natural gas compressor facility in a single phase.

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Check out our Photo of the Month to view some of the incredible milestones and achievements completed to date.

Milestones and achievements infographic