May 18 2023

Morice River Update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

cgl morice river

The micro-tunneling phase of the Morice River crossing has been safely completed and we are well past the river. Due to subsurface conditions, we are reducing the length of the micro-tunnel by 28 metres and beginning the construction of the exit point. This will involve clearing and excavation work in the coming days.

This summer, pipe will be pulled through the concrete tunnel and connected with the rest of the project route on both sides of the Morice River. Hydrotesting will then be done to ensure it meets the highest standards of safety.

Coastal GasLink has 10 major water crossings on the project route. Once the Morice River crossing is completed, that will mark the completion of all 10 crossings. A Micro-tunnelling crossing method was selected as the safest method to cross the Morice River following significant environmental and technical assessments and engagement with Indigenous communities.

We continue to be on track to complete construction of this nationally-important project by the end of 2023.

What is micro-tunnelling?

The Morice River crossing was conducted via micro-tunneling, one of the most expensive and technologically advanced forms of trenchless crossings. Micro-tunneling was selected as the safest method to cross the Morice River following extensive engagement with Indigenous communities, along with comprehensive environmental and technical assessments. This innovative technology allowed for tunnelling under the river, with limited environmental, economic or social disturbances.

Were local Indigenous communities involved in this work?

Much of the crossing work was completed by a collaboration between O.J. Pipelines, Natanlii Development Corporation (Skin Tyee Nation), Yinka Dene Economic Development Limited Partnership (Wet’suwet’en First Nation) and Kyah Development Corporation (Witset First Nation). Each Nations’ extensive knowledge of the land was invaluable to ensure safe and respectful construction in this sensitive area, and the work provided significant experience and skills training opportunities for Indigenous and local people.

Morice River Map

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