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Jul 28 2023

July construction update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Summer construction in full swing

Our summer construction season is in full swing as we move closer to mechanical completion by the end of 2023. Our workforce of nearly 4,800 are focused on safely completing remaining critical items across the 670-kilometre project route this summer, while ensuring important environmental management measures are in place.

With more than 630 km of pipe installed, crews are busy completing distinct work fronts such as water crossings and steep slopes. To date, more than 92% of all classified water crossings are complete, and steep slope areas such as Cable Crane Hill and the Raised Bore, continue to make significant strides forward.

Hydrotesting is either complete or underway in every section, a critically important phase of the project that ensures we can safely transition our best-in-class infrastructure into operations.

The global LNG industry visits Canada

In mid-July, leaders from the global LNG industry visited Vancouver to discuss the future of the industry at the LNG 2023 conference. Countries such as South Korea and Japan are seeking Canada’s lower-carbon and secure LNG sources. Coastal GasLink, together with LNG Canada, will provide the first direct path for Canadian LNG to reach our allies and replace coal-fired power plants.

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Photo of the month

A view from the top

With the majority of mainline pipe assembly complete, the Coastal GasLink team is focused on completing construction in several key special sections, that include steep slopes and water crossings.

One of those special sections is Cable Crane Hill, where the dedication and skills of our workforce are taking what we know of pipeline construction to new heights. Here’s to innovation, commitment to safety, perseverance, and our extraordinary legacy in progress!