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Aug 30 2023

August construction update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Pipe installation reaches 97% following a productive summer construction period

Thanks to the dedication of our workforce, project team and communities, 97% of the Coastal GasLink project has now been installed. Our incredible progress includes the following significant milestones achieved this summer:

  • 100% pipe install in Section 2 – Pipe installation is now 100% complete in Section 2, which included construction across the Headwall, one of the many feats of engineering across the project. 
  • All major water crossings are now complete – Coastal GasLink completed its final of ten major trenchless water crossings. The Morice River crossing was completed using micro-tunnelling, the most technologically advanced forms of trenchless crossing, ensuring the environment and valued water resources were protected.
  • Hydrotesting is now 91% complete – Hydrotesting represents one of the final stages of pipeline construction and ensures that the pipe is ready to safely receive natural gas.

What’s next

As we approach mechanical completion for the Project later this year, we remain focused on fulfilling our environmental and safety commitments and preparing for the transition to operations.
Reclamation will continue to ramp up as pipe installation activities are completed. Followed by a five-year post-construction monitoring program follows, to ensure that reclamation efforts are successful.
We are also steadily advancing our operational readiness, which ensures that the pipe is ready to safely receive and transport natural gas when we shift into operations.

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No mountain too high – Traversing epic terrain while achieving significant progress

Nestled amongst the vast Rocky Mountains in Section 2 stands one of the Project’s steepest slopes – the Headwall. This marvel in topography posed significant challenges for our crews as they worked along the high elevation gain. Great detail was placed in the planning and execution of the construction at the Headwall to ensure safety was placed at the forefront every step of the way. The safe completion of the work at the Headwall has led to Section 2 becoming the fourth section to achieve 100% pipe installation, following Sections 1, 4 and 6. With backfill complete, Section 2 is ready for reclamation work to begin.