Jun 13 2019

Workforce accommodation

Posted by Coastal GasLink

One of the core values at Coastal GasLink is safety. Worker safety, community safety, environmental safety and cultural safety.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do, including in the development of our temporary workforce accommodation.

Women and men will come and live in these accommodations while they help build our pipeline and develop an LNG future for British Columbia and Canada. This includes skilled tradespeople, like welders and machine operators – many of them local to northern and Indigenous communities. While they are there, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are safe and secure and the host local and Indigenous communities can benefit from construction activities while not being negatively impacted by temporary workforce accommodations.

As part of Coastal GasLink’s priority to deliver benefits to Indigenous and local communities, we have contracted Indigenous businesses and their service partners to provide workforce accommodation, security and other hospitality services for the project. Together we will ensure the people living there are safe and respect the rules and regulations set out by Coastal GasLink. Security will also ensure that only authorized Coastal GasLink employees or contractors are allowed onsite.

Our team has collaborated with local and Indigenous communities to ensure their concerns and priorities are considered in the planning, design and operation of our workforce accommodations. As we continue to build our project, we will maintain close communication and continue to engage with Indigenous and local communities to ensure the temporary workforce accommodations are operating well and protecting the safety of everyone in the area.

For further information on how Coastal GasLink is developing safe and secure workforce accommodations, please see our fact sheet.