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Jun 17 2021

Meet one of our prime contractors – Ledcor Haisla Limited Partnership

Posted by Coastal GasLink

As a geographically complex area, Section 8 continues to be the most challenging section for construction through the Coastal Mountains. Ledcor Haisla Limited Partnership (LHLP) joined the Coastal GasLink project in May 2021 to lead construction work on the west portion of Section 8, while Macro Spiecapag Joint Venture (MSJV) continues to lead construction work on the east portion of Section 8. 

In a powerful blessing ceremony from Haisla Hereditary Chiefs Jassee Sammy Robinson and Jake Duncan, the significance of the partnership was underscored by the common goals of Ledcor and Haisla Nation. Both LHLP and Coastal Gaslink are committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships and providing skills training, employment and contracting opportunities for Indigenous and local community members.

"We have common goals that we want to see our people succeed, and it's through projects such as Coastal GasLink that allows our people to succeed," –Chief Councillor Crystal Smith, Haisla Nation.

We recently caught up with Dan Tobin, Vice President, Ledcor Haisla Limited Partnership to learn more about the company, their partnership with Haisla Nation and their role with the Coastal GasLink Project.

Tell us about your company and the experience you have working on major projects like Coastal GasLink?

Ledcor is one of Canada’s largest construction contractors. We have been building pipelines in Western Canada for over 40 years. With the partnerships Ledcor has established with Haisla Nation and our Italian Partner, SICIM, we offer a high level of experience gained both locally and from all over the world, bringing together technical experience and local knowledge to complete a project with this level of complexity and unique construction challenges.

The partnership between Ledcor and Haisla Nation established the Ledcor Haisla Limited Partnership (LHLP) 10 years ago to execute projects in the Kitimat region. Through this partnership, we have worked together on many successful initiatives while providing training and development opportunities to the community. 

The Ledcor and SICIM partnership was established 14 years ago to execute the most difficult and complex pipeline construction works in Western Canada.

What excites you about being involved in the Coastal GasLink Project? 
This is a once-in-a-lifetime project in terms of pipeline construction in Canada. The scale and technical challenges of this work will build a career foundation for all those who are fortunate enough to participate in it. We are proud to support TC Energy on such an exciting project.

How important is safety and the environment to your company?
Safety is a core value for Ledcor and our partners – it’s at the forefront of everything that we do. In Ledcor’s Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HS&E) program, every person is responsible and accountable for safety and the environment – from senior management to the individual worker. There is no job or piece of work so important that it cannot be done safely and with the utmost care for the environment.

You will be managing construction through the Coastal Mountains. What are some interesting insights about this work?
This topography and geography of Section 8 is what sets this project apart from all others. Some of the technical challenges are:

  • The access construction and project route grading to the mountain range is extremely rugged.
  • There are many steep slope sections that will require unique installation procedures.
  • As the elevation of the project varies by nearly 1,500 m over the 54 km, the varied seasonal weather impacts will require detailed construction planning.
  • The high volume of precipitation including rainfall and snow will create unique environmental challenges.

Your logo has the word, ‘SICIM.’ What does that refer to?
SICIM is one of Ledcor’s partners. SICIM is an international pipeline contractor recognized around the world for their extensive experience in very challenging construction projects, with particular knowledge of extreme terrain pipeline construction. SICIM has installed over 15,000 km of pipelines and 25,000 tons of plant piping and structural steel, working all across Europe, West Africa, Mozambique, Middle East, Central Asia and America, including important projects performed for TC Energy in Mexico since 2010 (i.e. Manzanillo Guadalahara Pipeline, Tamazunchale Pipeline, Landfalls for Sur de Texas Project) and recently engaged in further initiatives in Canada.

What’s your process in ensuring local and First Nations businesses are connected to jobs on the project?
Ledcor Haisla Limited Partnership is proud of the work we have done in the region for the last 10 years to provide opportunities to other First Nations communities and local businesses. As part of our procurement process, we are reaching out to other First Nation-owned businesses and all local qualified businesses to evaluate interest in working on the project.

Our prime contractors are largely responsible for hiring and managing the various subcontractors and employees who will be required to construct the project. Coastal GasLink has made a clear commitment that our contractors will prioritize local and indigenous people and businesses.

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