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During construction, Coastal GasLink will provide well-paying contracting and employment opportunities to qualified local and First Nations businesses and individuals along our proposed route.



An estimated 2,000 to 2,500 high quality, well-paying jobs will be created during the four year construction period and 16 to 35 permanent positions during operation. Employment opportunities on Coastal GasLink will include a variety of responsibilities, skill levels and trade specialization and will range from labourers and equipment operators, to skilled tradespersons and project managers. Construction requiring Indigenous and local resources will include activities like: right-of-way clearing, gravel processing, access road development, camp and storage site preparation, materials hauling, right-of-way grading, pipeline ditching, site clean-up and reclamation.

LNG Canada will also provide numerous benefits through the construction and operation of its LNG facility.

Learn more about the opportunities LNG Canada’s export facility will create.


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The Prime Contractors will employ the workforce directly. Please note that the opportunities made available by each Prime Contractor will vary according to need.


TC Energy has three roles

in the building of the Coastal GasLink pipeline:

  • Plan, design and operate the pipeline
  • Select prime contractors to construct the pipeline
  • Oversee the prime contractors and the construction process to ensure safety standards and specifications are met

The majority of the employment opportunities will be provided through the selected prime contractors (or sub-contractors) who are highly-qualified firms with experience in large pipeline construction. Prime contractors will be required to provide local and First Nations participation plans prior to selection and regular reporting on local and First Nations participation through construction.

Our team has been meeting with Indigenous communities, educational institutions, business organizations and economic development agencies throughout British Columbia to identify capable and qualified local businesses. These businesses will then be invited to bid on project work.

Please complete our vendor registration formCGL-external-link-popout.png to be a part of this process.