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Sep 9 2022

Meet our newest prime contractor: Michels Canada

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Meet our newest prime contractor: Michels Canada

Coastal GasLink is pleased to welcome Michels Canada as the latest prime contractor responsible for major pipeline construction on Section 6. Michels Canada joined the Coastal GasLink team in June 2022 and are ready to safely tackle the challenges and opportunities this monumental project has to offer.

To learn more about their experience as a company and their role on Coastal GasLink, we caught up with Project Director with Michels Canada, John Hunt.

Tell me about Michels Canada and the experience you have working on major projects like Coastal GasLink?

Michels Canada is an experienced pipeline and civil infrastructure contractor with an extensive 25-year track record of building large diameter pipelines in Canada. Our expertise includes complex mainline projects through various terrains and through all seasons. Our recent work includes several large diameter pipeline projects for TC Energy and others across North America. We consistently demonstrate the ability to uphold our deep commitment to our core values of safety, environment, integrity, dedication and teamwork, social responsibility and sustainable operations.

Simply put, Michels Canada measures success by our ability to complete the work our customers need. From our labourers in the trenches and project managers in the field to our support and leadership group at our Canadian headquarters in Nisku, Alberta, and our sister company in the U.S., we have assembled a team of hard-working, dedicated people committed to improving Canada’s infrastructure. We serve our clients with new, innovative methods and concepts, often transforming the underground construction industry.

With the leadership, experience and equipment to seamlessly handle mainline pipeline projects of all sizes and complexities, Michels Canada brings experienced crews working safely to provide pipeline facility construction throughout Canada.

What excites you about being involved in the Coastal GasLink Project?

Michels Canada is excited to participate in a project that has meaningful value for Canada, British Columbia and the international beneficiaries of clean Canadian natural gas to offset more intensive emission energy sources. Michels Canada is excited about creating opportunities for Indigenous and local communities, unprecedented environmental stewardship, and a unique approach to safety – all summed up as creating extraordinary legacies where we work and can be proud to leave for those afterward.

How important is safety and the environment to your company?

Michels Canada’s project approach ensures construction meets the primary objectives of safety and injury free principles, responsible environmental stewardship, schedule, quality and reliability. Successful projects are achieved through a well‐supported culture of safety, training and field-level engagement. Establishing a culture of safety, environmental compliance and quality is achieved by effectively implementing Health, Safety, Environment and Quality policies, procedures, and standards across all levels of the organization, from Senior Management to frontline workers. The Construction Management Team ensures all policies, procedures and standards are clearly understood and practiced by each team member.

Is there anything unique or interesting about Section 6? Difficult terrain? Specific challenges or key areas?

Section 6 is unique for its wealth of Indigenous culture and we’re eager to engage with communities to learn the knowledge of the land and how to best protect and support it. It is blessed with natural beauty that we take pride in protecting. Every job is different, and the soil conditions in which we work lend themselves to challenges that require ingenuity and creativity to build this critical project effectively. The Michels Canada team is and has been up for the challenge with shared successes to date.

Many of our prime contractors have partnered with Indigenous communities on their sections. What will Michels do to ensure First Nations businesses are connected to jobs on the project?

Michels Canada has a long history of engaging with Indigenous and local communities on all projects from direct labour workforce, to subcontract and supply opportunities. Michels Canada is constantly looking for ways to engage Indigenous subcontractors and suppliers meaningfully and continue to draw on our past experience and network of Indigenous contacts to make this a priority on our projects.

Michels Canada is proud to join a prime contractor group on Coastal GasLink with unprecedented Indigenous and local procurement, services and employment. We look forward to engaging with economic development partners and creating relationships with leaders and community members. Michels Canada has signed two Indigenous economic development partnerships to work alongside us on Section 6 and is actively engaging several more.  We look forward to being part of this project and contributing to the extraordinary legacy we will leave behind once complete.

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