Jan 26 2015

Coastal GasLink gives Project update

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Greg Cano from the Coastal Gas Link project was in Kitimat on Monday, January 26, 2015. The Coastal GasLink project will take gas from the Dawson Creek area down to Kitimat. It will serve the LNG Canada LNG Plant, which Shell is leading.

“We’ve got our Environmental Assessment Certificate which essentially, the BC EAO has said the impacts of the pipeline construction and operation can be mitigated. We received that certificate in October of last year and we put our bids out for our construction contracts and have received them so far as well as for Camps and clearing contracts are all out to bid and we will be receiving those, evaluating them and getting the contracts on board for detailed planning later this year,” said Cano.

As a part of their EAO Process, they were given 32 conditions that they have to fulfill. Many of these require the company to develop and submit management plans for wildlife impacts and socio-economic impacts. The next steps will be getting input from stakeholders, mayors, councils, First Nations and the public on those plans and start detailed plans with their contractors.

If you are concerned some of these projects will not be going ahead because of recent changes in the markets, Cano explained: “The companies we are serving, which is LNG Canada, Shell, PetroChina, Kogas and Mitsubishi, all of those companies have their own production and their own markets and they are all long term energy players so they’re not worried about short term fluctuations in markets. They have the markets and what they are looking at is five years from now, not now, so it really hasn’t impacted their planning and their thinking for this project at this point in time.”

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