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Oct 26 2020

Wilde Lake Compressor Station, ‘beating heart’ of Coastal GasLink, brings opportunity

Posted by Coastal GasLink

Coastal GasLink couldn’t deliver clean Canadian natural gas to LNG Canada’s Kitimat liquefaction facility  without the Wilde Lake Compressor Station located 670 kilometres away near the Dawson Creek area. In order to move a projected 2.1 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) of natural gas across the pipeline route, the Wilde Lake facility is the ‘beating heart of the pipeline’ according to Anthony Heywood-Smith, Project Manager for the compressor station.

“The Wilde Lake Compressor Station site is the starting point of the pipeline. In addition to the three compressor stations, we have four meter station sites. The meter stations receive and measure the incoming gas from northeast B.C, and the compressor stations then compress the gas to provide the pressure required to effectively push the gas all the way to Kitimat,” explains Anthony. “It’s the largest natural gas compressor station build that TC Energy has ever undertaken in a single phase.”

With Wilde Lake currently under construction, the site is abuzz with activity.

“We have a lot of equipment on-site as we’re in the midst of earthworks and installing over 2,500 piles. This foundational work is important in helping to protect the environment, including storing top soil for future use, and to limit water runoff in the surrounding area. As we progress, we’ll fence the site off to protect wildlife,” says Anthony.

The facility’s construction is providing numerous job opportunities for local communities.

“We've only just started on this project and the construction of this site is going to run right through until mid to late 2022, so there are lots of opportunities,” assures Anthony.

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“It's a huge project, and a real privilege to be part of it,” concludes Anthony.


Did you know?

Information about the project’s compressor and meter stations is available on CoastalGasLink.com, including stages of facility construction.