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Jul 29 2021

Statement from Coastal GasLink President Tracy Robinson

Posted by Coastal GasLink

“Today, during TC Energy’s quarterly call it was disclosed that Coastal GasLink is in commercial discussions with LNG Canada regarding the cost and schedule for the project. While I recognize this may raise questions, I want to confirm that ongoing negotiations of this nature are not uncommon for a project of this scope and scale and we are committed to seeking a resolution. As we have all seen, the project has very much been impacted by the unprecedented events of the past 18 months. We have responded to blockades, the COVID-19 pandemic, the unforeseen Provincial Health Officer (PHO) order restricting our workforce as well as addressing unforeseen construction complexities. Through all of these pressures, we continue to work toward a mutual agreement with our partners on how to navigate these changes.  

Despite the challenges, full construction activities have resumed, and we are making significant progress across the corridor and are approaching 50% project completion. Our successful management of COVID-19 has assisted our efforts to get fully back to work with more than 5,000 people currently working on Coastal GasLink from Dawson Creek to Kitimat. Even with large workforce numbers, our safety performance remains extremely strong.   

Coastal GasLink has been working for months with LNG Canada and their joint venture partners to try and find a reasonable agreement on how to address cost increases and schedule impacts and find a path to completion. 

We remain hopeful that a positive outcome will be achieved and I want to assure everyone that we remain committed to seeing this important project built. Coastal GasLink is vital to the long-term prosperity of the North, B.C. and Canada, and we are proud to be part of a healthy economic recovery that supports local communities for the long-term. Above all else, we will always prioritize the health and safety of people while striving to achieve our commitment to creating an extraordinary legacy of safety and respect for all people, communities and the environment." 

— Tracy Robinson, TC Energy Executive Vice-President, President Canadian Natural Gas Pipelines and President Coastal GasLink